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Stephanie Dawson

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F_ _ _ Menopause.

The menopause journey tends to go something like this:

1) Unpleasant and sometimes bizarre symptoms

2) Uncomfortable uncertainty about where to go and with whom to speak

3) Pressure to 'just get on with it'

4) If we're lucky, a conversation with a friend who is going through something similar, which sparks a lightbulb and ray of hope in knowing we are not alone, and that we can do something about it


My menopause journey started well before I hit 40. I spent many years in self-experimentation with the help of Google to manage increasing symptoms. When the night sweats alone made me desperate for a new body, I sought help, which was NOT easy. It felt like all women seeing the doctor were trying to conceive, and menopause management was a nonexistent subject. I finally found a small menopause clinic, and through them I discovered that my estrogen level dropped down to practically nothing. A yearly bone scan showed a 15% drop in my bone density in just one year. I am a lifelong health nut, a yogi who maintains a strict lifestyle of optimal eating and exercise, but sometimes genetics don't care. Added calcium and extra weights were not going to stop the decline - I needed estrogen. And so began my HRT, and with it a new beginning of my life.


Friends throughout the years have experienced their own symptoms, and along the way have asked me what I’ve done, knowing I’ve suffered and had to figure things out. I am no medical expert, and know that HRT is not for everyone, but every conversation at the very least results in shared tips, recommendations, love, and instantaneous relief in knowing that we are not alone.


Somehow menopause still remains a mystery, and for too long we have had to just accept this phase and deal with its symptoms as a part of life, but we now know we can do something about it. No matter where we come from, menopause finds us, and in order to improve our journeys we need each other. So this is a place where we can all say together:

From the Founder:

Lean in to other women.
Take charge of menopause.

Our community is a safe space where women can share their experiences and help each other during this phase of life. We are changing the narrative of menopause and finding ways to make this our best years yet. Join us today and become a part of our supportive community!

FMenopause is a NEW and FREE online community forum for women to communicate and connect with others about information regarding menopause.

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